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TomCat’s $30 Tax-Free Donation System Order Form

Yes TomCat, get my system in place today and send my initial Tomcat mailing packet.

I understand that my account, debit or credit card will be billed each month and that I will be shipped 50 letters every month. I will be sent the very best names and addresses, for my letters. 
If I use a debit or credit card to pay for my system, I am authorizing Tomcat systems to establish an auto debit of $60 per month to pay for the 6 donations ($30) and printing, shipping and handling charges ($30).
We accept Zelle payments also at We will send a zelle request each month prior to mailing your kit.

The below members will each receive $5 every month you are in the program:

                                                                                                Region 5                      Orion Marketing                     TAR Enterprises

                                                                                        Tony Smith                  Teresa Merrigan                     Thomas Rutledge

This is a 6 up donation system that will produce big results.

100% Risk Free 60 Day Guarantee!

You are protected, $60 money back. This guarantee applies only to the $30 in shipping, printing and handling fees you make when you sign up and covers 2 monthly payments equal to $30 for each month or $60.

All donations are collected and processed at our central facility where everything is monitored and all collected donations are sent out on the 20th of each month via check.

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TomCat System

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Your signature signifies that you agree to our 60 day risk free guarantee: If within 60 days of receiving your initial start up kit you request a refund, we will promptly return the printing, shipping and handling portion of the money sent us. 
This applies only to the printing, shipping and handling portion of your payment. The $30 donation fee is not refundable

You may cancel your membership at anytime by notifying us via our support system at