Fathers Who Work From Home


These days more and more fathers are choosing to work from home in a quest to spend extra quality time with their children. They have chosen to get out of the normal routine of travelling to and from work each day in order for them to be able to take their kids to school as well as pick them up in the afternoon.

I am somebody who has taken up this type of lifestyle. I am a kind of house husband who also is able to earn money each month which helps to pay towards some of those unwanted bills. I love the fact that I am able to take my young son to school, he is currently in his first year which is called reception class and looks so cute as he chats to his mates whilst awaiting his school day to commence. This is a side of my sons life which I would be unable to see if I had what most people call a regular job. In the afternoon I collect my son and help him with his homework when we arrive back home. He will then relax which then allows me to get on with some more of my work.

While he is at school, I run speech therapy courses which are aimed at helping people who stammer to achieve fluency. I myself had a speech impediment up until the age of twenty-two and I really enjoy helping and teaching other people the ways in which they can also eradicate their own stammer.

I also spend time helping people to promote their website/s. I do this in a variety of ways including writing articles like the one you are reading. In this role I am able to work at times that suit me. This includes some evenings when the house is a little quieter but basically is at times when I choose.

Working from home may seem like an easy life but you have to ensure that you put the hours in. I know quite a few people who have a similar role in life to the one I have. What I mean by that is not so much in the type of work that they do but in the fact that they also work from home. One of them is able to work as a type of travel agent and helps people who contact him to book holidays over the internet. Another friend is a website designer who has an office in his house. He tends to prefer to work in the evenings and is able to spend his days doing the things that interest him such as playing golf.

There are many different roles for other people who are looking to work from home, it is just a matter of finding them. Market research is another area that a lady I know does very well out of. The hours are less sociable but it suits her lifestyle down to the ground.

If you are fed up with working in say an office, there may well be options out there which could include working from home, which could suit you and lead you to having a much happier life. Good luck.

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