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When you work from home, it is very likely that you are self employed and more likely an entrepreneur. If you are working a job from home this article will not have the importance or impact that it will for the entrepreneur. If you are an entrepreneur that wants to work from home, then I would hope that you’ve done a bit of homework (pardon the play on words). In your homework, you hopefully sat down and thought about what you would like to accomplish as an entrepreneur. If you haven’t done that, then please go to some of my previous articles that are searchable by my name.

So you have sat down and written out what your goals are for your work from home business. Great! You have gotten off on the right foot. Let’s also assume that as an entrepreneur you are fairly ambitious. You have set a goal or destination that is unexplored territory for you. I think that’s excellent – why set a goal or try and get excited about something you’ve already done? Let’s head for uncharted territory.

Now guess what. Your goal or destination lies in the realm of the unknown – at least to you. Now it is going to require that you use thinking other than the thinking that got you to where you are now, to move forward and attain your goals. Einstein said “the current set of problems we face will not be solved by the same level of thinking that got us there”. Neither will you get to where you want to be with the same level of thinking and effort that you have done before.

So to reach your goal you must do at least these two things. You must seek out thoughts that are different than the ones you’ve had before and you must take actions you have never taken before. To get those thoughts, you must somehow mastermind with people that are either at the point where you want to be, or at least they are much closer to it than you are. Find other people that work from home and have had great success with it. Maybe they are in the company you work with, or if you truly work alone, then get books and tapes from people who have done it. Maybe even get some coaching from someone who has had success working from home.

Once you realize the mindset and thoughts that are necessary to get to your destination, you must take action. Guess what the outcome will be if you fail to take any action because of fear in your life? You guessed it – failure. So you must take action to reach your goals.

Here is a great guideline for decision making: First, will the action I am considering move me in the direction of my goals? Second, will the action I’m about to take cause harm or violate the rights of anyone? If the answers are yes and no respectively, then you MUST take the action – and do so IMMEDIATELY! This is the method of operation of successful people that I know personally who work from home. To get to your goals more quickly, take more action. If you have fear, take more action. What is the alternative? Think about it.

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