5 Ways to Cash in on Private Label Rights


Selling information online is a treasure chest of unlimited gold just waiting to be opened. Millions of people surf online everyday for the sole purpose of finding information. By becoming the supplier of the information they are seeking, you have the opportunity to put a price on what you deliver.
Private label rights are offered online today as a means of obtaining content. These private label rights allow you to become the author of the information. For a monthly subscription fee you can receive hundreds of articles each month on a variety of subjects. Once you receive them, it’s up to you to turn them into an informational cash-flow.
Many of the PLR articles are written to be developed into a series. For instance, you might receive a series of articles on dog training.
Here are 5 ways you can turn the series articles and content into cash.
*1 – Create a report from a series of articles. Offer the report for free and allow the report to be freely distributed. Use the report to promote your own product, website or an affiliate program.
*2 – Adapt the series of articles into an autoreponder email campaign. Use the series to attract subscribers to your opt-in mailing list. Promote related products to your new list.
*3 – Use the articles as content for your own website. You can even rewrite individual articles to favor specific keywords to enhance your Google Adsense revenue.
*4 – Create a series of ebooks and repackage them to be sold with resell rights. There are a lot of people looking for new products to sell. When you offer resell rights with your ebooks you do not need to worry about whether your buyers actually want to read the product. You are targeting people who need products to sell.
*5 – Use the information to inspire your own articles that you can submit to article directories and newsletters. Although you could submit these articles as-is with your own name, this is not a good idea. Some people even say just changing a few words or creating a new title is all you need to do. However, I personally do not recommend this as most likely other people are doing the same thing and your article will be rejected.
A better use of this content for this purpose would be to read over the entire series of articles based on one topic. Take for instance a series of articles on dog training. Look for the best dog training tips and turn it into an article called, “10 Super Dog Training Tips”.
Now you have an original article with highly valuable content!
What’s next? Promote, promote, promote!!
Copyright 2006 Christine Darrington

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