The Top 10 Reasons Moms Choose to Work from Home


1. Big savings on daycare costs
2. No more bosses giving you the stink eye for not working due to kid issues
3. No commuting
4. Savings on lunches out and work clothes
5. More flexibility
6. The ability to start a business doing something you love
7. Make as much or as little money as you want
8. To be able to say “I own my own business”
9. Kids can learn how a business works
10. To be in control of your own destiny

1. Big Savings On Daycare Costs

According to the Children’s Defense Fund and Runzheimer International parents are paying an average of $250 to $1,250 monthly for daycare. A mother who is making about $20,000 a year will probably find that she is really only bringing home only $5000 a year once all the additional costs of her working are figured in. Some moms are actually loosing money each month by working outside the home.

2. No More Bosses Giving You the Stink Eye For Not Working Due To Kid Issues

There’s nothing worse when your daycare provider tells you that your kid is sick and they can’t watch them because of it. So there you go, having to take time off work as your boss and coworkers resent you and your chances of promotion becomes slimmer and slimmer because you can’t be counted on all the time.

3. No Commuting

No more commuting when you work from home. No long drives, bad traffic, added expenses for car upkeep (car upkeep costs about $250 a month on average). You can simply wake up in the morning and walk a few feet to your home office.

4. Savings on Lunches Out and Work Clothes

Between eating out and buying uniforms or clothes for work (even if you don’t have to wear a uniform) you are looking at paying about $145 a month. Nice thing about working at home and being your own boss is you can decide what you want to wear to work.

5. More Flexibility

There are field trips to go on, sport programs to get the kids to, exercise classes, family that needs extra care at times that goes on in a moms life. Working at home offers the flexibility that is needed to do all these small things that add up and make a huge difference in everyone’s life – including your own.

6. The Ability To Start A Business Doing Something You Love

The ability to be a work-at-home mom is the best gift you could ever give yourself, for so many reasons. The big one though is being able to create a home business around something you really like and enjoy doing. You shouldn’t have to hate your job or the way you make money. This is the perfect opportunity to finally put your interests and talents to good use, and make money from them.

7. Make As Much or As Little Money as You Want

Being the owner of your own business you can decide if you can work full or part time. This can depend a lot on the age of your children and how much you can dedicate to your business.

8. To Be Able To Say “I Own My Own Business”

When you can say, “I own my own business” this is very empowering. As something Emeril might say, “It definitely kicks the self-confidence level up a notch or two.”

9. Kids Can Learn How a Business Works

Your kids can learn first hand how a business runs. There will have no problem answering any questions like, “So what does your mommy do.” Kids become very proud of their work-at-home moms. They love the fact their moms are there for them, and that it makes mom happy to make money doing something she loves.

10. To Be In Control Of Your Own Destiny

Work at something you love to do, have the flexibility to work around your families schedule, wear what you want to work and becoming the person you are supposed to be. These are all ways that you can have control of your own destiny.

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